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File System Administration

permSECURE - File Server Administration

We present here a part of our service offer. Our consultants have been dealing with the different file servers and their special features for many years. They can draw on a wealth of experience and find the right solution for every situation and problem. We are happy to support you with all your problems or requirements for your file server infrastructure.

Analysis & Reporting

permSECURE - Analysis & Reporting

File server permissions are a very sensitive topic. In many projects, we have repeatedly found the same initial situation: the folder structures and their permissions have grown over the years since the start of the company. There are rows of directories with thousands of substructures and correspondingly a large amount of legacy data. Permissions are usually only granted, if there is a process for requesting them at all. In most cases, no one even thinks about revoking the permissions should they become obsolete. Yet file server permissions are essential and, if granted correctly, provide effective protection against data theft and malware (e.g., encryption Trojans).

Have you also lost track of your folder structures and their permissions, or do you simply want to establish a contemporary data culture in your company?

Would you like to regain an overview of the following topics?

  • How deep are your permissions?
  • Who can access where?
  • Where are inheritance interruptions?
  • Where are open areas (access for everyone)?
  • Where are incorrect or excessive permissions present?
  • Where do permission mismatches still exist at deep levels?

We are happy to support you in analyzing your folder structures and file server permissions with tools that go far beyond the Windows on-board tools.

Workshop & Conceptual Design

permSECURE - Conceptual Design

Managing permissions on the file server and creating complex permission concepts do not have to be difficult! Are you facing the challenge of having to revise your permissions situation? Contact us. Our experienced consultants will provide you with current best practices in workshops, analyze your folders and permissions for optimization potential and work with you to create a concept that will allow you to easily manage your file server permissions in the future.

We analyze your file server folder structures and their permissions and show you ways into a new, clearly defined structure that is permitted according to NTFS best practice.

  • Together, we determine and discuss the current situation on your file server and work out a way to more transparency in the file system in a 1 – 2 day workshop.
  • We will show you ways to structure your folders and adjust file server permissions to common standards.
  • We will work with you to create an adequate approach to a clear structure of folders with correct access rights.
  • We want to increase the data culture in your company and for your users.
  • We explain how you can benefit from current technologies, such as DFS (Distributed File System) or ABE (Access Based Enumeration).
  • We present concepts to keep your folders and file server permissions tidy and consistent in the future.

Looking for more information? Take a look at our whitepaper on the topic NTFS Best Practices!

Optimization & Migration

permSECURE - Optimization & Migration

You are about to move to a new file server, want to transfer your file server permissions between two directory services or simply want to adapt your permissions to current standards?

We have developed a customization path that allows your users to continue working almost without interruption. The required folders and file server permissions are set up in a new, empty share and the necessary permission groups are created in Active Directory, including the members. The data is then copied from the existing share to the newly created share with various jobs. At a defined downtime, access is blocked for the users, a final delta copy is performed and access to the new share is activated for the users.

  • We accompany you in the optimization of your file servers and their permissions and also carry this out together with you.
  • With our classic customization path, the cleanup will be simple and swift. We model the new structures together, including the necessary accesses.
  • We support you in transferring your folder permissions from Novell eDirectory (or Microfocus Open Enterprise Server) to a Microsoft Active Directory.

Revising file server permissions do not have to be difficult. We support you from a simple technical cleanup of the permissions (e.g. removal of duplicate permissions, removal of unnecessary inheritance interruptions …) and adaptation of these to NTFS best practice, up to a complete rebuild of the folder structure. We are also happy to address your individual requirements and wishes. There is an adequate solution for every challenge!