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What is LinkFixer Advanced?

LinkFixer Advanced (LFA) is an agentless application from Linktek that enables companies to secure and restore their links within and between files during a data cleanup – regardless of whether the linked target is reachable or not.

Therefore, the solution offers functions to detect the current link status and provides tools to repair links that are already broken.

In addition, LinkFixer Advanced offers a patented workflow to repair links completely automatically at continuous intervals.

For additonal information, please visit www.linktek.com/products.

Functions - Overview


Identify how many links between files you have in your enterprise data. Statistical evaluations immediately show how many links work and how many do not and help evaluate the effort required to correct the links during cleanup.

Backup and Restore

Thanks to Linktek's patented process (the so-called "seeding"), links can be fully automated and uniquely marked before optimization and after cleaning they can also be automatically corrected and made available again based on the marking.


If your company plans to move documents to a new data platform (e.g. file server, SAN, SharePoint, or similar), LinkFixer Advanced offers its own optimization process, which moves the data to the new destination and simultaneously adjusts the links accordingly. This eliminates the need for tedious rework after a cleanup.


LinkFixer Advanced can also help you repair already broken links. The repair utilities search for broken links and repair them automatically based on a definable set of rules. This saves time, money and creates more free resources in your department.

Why LinkFixer Advanced?

permSECURE - Mehr Transparenz

More Transparency

Examine your on-premise or cloud storage for working or broken links in your documents, presentations, spreadsheets, CAD drawings and more and get
a full picture.

Evaluate the present reports and make the right decisions on how to deal with the links.

permSECURE - Mehr Effizienz

More Efficiency

Shift your data to new locations and automatically adjust the links to the new data storage with
LinkFixer Advanced.

Let your broken links be fixed automatically and save a lot of manual work and time.

permSECURE - Mehr Schutz

More Protection

Let LinkFixer Advanced automatically tag your links and linked files uniquely so they can be easily repaired if the linked file is moved.

Patented workflows let you restore links in a snap.

permSECURE - Mehr Kontrolle

More File Types

Analyze approximately all file types used in your business. These include MS Office Files, MS Project, MS Visio, MS OneNote, MS SQL databases, Windows shortcuts, Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Pagemaker, HTML, JS, ASP, CSS, SWF and
Bentley MicroStation.