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What is Netwrix?

Netwrix Auditor is an agentless data security platform that enables companies to accurately identify sensitive, regulated and business-critical information and
consistently apply access controls – regardless of where the data is stored.

It enables you to reduce the risk of data breaches and reliably comply with regulatory mandates by selectively reducing the attack surface of sensitive data and immediately identifying policy violations and suspicious user behavior.

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Functions - Overview


Identify what data needs to be protected and how vulnerable it is.


Disarm the risk of data breaches.


Detect data security threats immediately.


Make faster, more informed decisions to respond to security incidents.


Enable recovery of critical data and use past incident information for future protection measures.

Comply with Regulations

Ensure compliance and provide the required verifications.

Why Netwrix?

permSECURE - Mehr Transparenz

More Transparency

Analyze which users can access which sensitive data and how those permissions were granted. Allow data owners to periodically review whether users need those access rights to do their jobs. If they do not, delete overly broad access permissions to enforce the principle of least privilege to reduce risk.

Evaluate the efficacy of your data security controls and provide the necessary documentation for auditors.

permSECURE - Mehr Effizienz

More Efficiency

Identify sensitive data incidents quickly by analyzing what happened, how it happened, who caused it, and what data was affected. Use this information to take the best possible countermeasures.

Respond faster to security threats by automatically taking countermeasures when incidents are expected. Provide immediate incident response and support faster, more accurate investigations by integrating Netwrix Auditor into your SecOps processes.

permSECURE - Mehr Schutz

More Protection

Continiously monitor privileged users activities on all systems to ensure that they are following internal policies and not misusing their privileges to access, modify or delete sensitive data.

Monitor changes to access rights or group memberships to evaluate whether access permissions to sensitive data have been changed without reason. Reverse unauthorized changes immediately to minimize the risk.

permSECURE - Mehr Kontrolle

More Control

Classify and tag unstructured and structured data, regardless of where they are stored, so you can focus your security efforts on sensitive information. Apply consistent security policies across your disparate data repositories.

Analyze which sensitive data is exposed to the highest risks so you can prioritize mitigation of them. Uncover sensitive information that can be accessed by numerous users without business need or that is stored on systems that are not secured.