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Identity and Access Management - Services

Workshops and Conceptual Design

Repeatedly, we encounter customers who have defined only very rudimentary processes in Identity and Access Management (IAM). Permissions are assigned on demand and user offboarding or department changes are sometimes not communicated to the IT department at all.  There is usually no trace of why and when changes were made to user or permission objects. As a result, permissions are naturally not questioned after a user changes department, temporarily leaves the company (parental leave, maternity leave, etc.) or even leaves permanently.

We help you to optimize this situation, analyze your user processes and show you ways to revise them if necessary to avoid media breaks and to automate them. In a joint workshop, an experienced consultant will assist you and clarify the following topics with you, among others:

permSECURE - IAM Workshop

  • Together we will analyze and discuss your current user processes (user entry, user exit, user change, etc.).
  • Together we will review your current master data and, if necessary, optimize it for the IAM implementation.
  • We will show you ways to revise your processes and fully automate them.
  • Together with you, we will create a suitable approach for integrating an IAM solution and mapping your processes in a DSGVO-compliant manner. 

Additionally, you can benefit from our experience in optimizing user processes and increase the quality of work and processes in your company.


Are you about to implement tenfold as an IAM solution for your company or do you want to optimize your permission management? We support you from the initial installation and briefing of your administrators to the full integration. Our experienced consultants will go through all steps necessary for setup and configuration together with you and give you helpful tips for the optimal design and implementation of your Identity and Access Management System.

permSECURE - IAM Implementierung Berechtigungsmanagement

  • We evaluate the quality of your customers master data and help you to set it up in such a way that a high degree of automation is possible. Using various options for data correction, your master data will be optimized for the implementation of an IAM solution in no time.
  • Together we set up the required database and perform the basic installation with you.
  • We will work with you to connect your Active Directory and file servers. If required, we also connect your Exchange or Sharepoint server.
  • We create workflows and profiles according to your wishes, which are assigned to your users fully automatically, based on certain rule sets.
  • If required, we can integrate your third-party applications so that they can be managed and documented via tenfold.


Subsequently, you can outsource parts of your work steps to the users and departments (data owners), among other things and include them in the processes. This relieves your IT department and at the same time sensitizes your users to the handling of their data.

Are you currently in the process of introducing a permission management solution? Have a look at our whitepaper on “IAM – With Milestones to Success“!


You have implemented tenfold or are already using it, but you need more know-how and experience in using the application? Your users are to be integrated into the processes in the future and need instruction or do you simply want to expand your knowledge about tenfold and its extensive possibilities?

permSECURE - IAM Schulung

  • We train your administrators in the configuration and management of the application. This enables you to administer the system by yourself, to define person types and fields or to create profiles and approval workflows.
  • We train your users in the use of tenfold and show them how to work with the system.
  • We train your data owners to manage their own areas via tenfold. Using various practical examples, your users will be enabled to fulfill their new role.
  • All trainings take place in your individually set up systems. However, there is also the possibility to conduct the training in special demo environments.

After the training, you will find it easier to use tenfold, the processes and workflows will be clearer and you will notice more efficient work after only a short time.