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Transparency and Structure

We are a service provider for file server optimization, as well as identity and access management (IAM).

Our Motivation

Establishing Transparency in the File System

We help you to get back the control of your data and to keep it permanently!

Optimization of User Management

We help you to map your processes automatically and audit-proof. Unwanted permissions belong to the past now!

Our Services at a Glance

File System

Workshops and Conceptual Design


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Workshops and Conceptual Design



Application Areas

For Companies with High Requirements

permSECURE - NTFS Best Practices

We have been dealing with file servers and their special conditions for many years. Therefore, we are able to create individually tailored concepts and implement them together with you. We teach you the NTFS Best Practices in a simple way.

permSECURE - Benutzer- und Berechtigungsmanagement

Identity and Access Management

Our mission is to optimize your user management together with you and to facilitate your work. You want to optimize your processes and involve your users? We support you with that!

permSECURE - Informationsschutz und Sicherheitsmanagement

Information Protection and Security Management

User access to files and applications should be restricted to a minimum (least privilege policy)! We ensure audit-proof permissions assignment, as well as DSGVO-compliant documentation of the assigned resources and access rights.

Create Added Values with Us

permSECURE - Mehr Transparenz

More Transparency

With us you get back the overview of the assigned access rights on file servers.
Our solutions help you visualize your permissions and create a high degree of transparency. Unclear situations about possible folder accesses are a thing of the past.

permSECURE - Mehr Effizienz

More Efficiency

By optimizing and automating standard processes, we increase the efficiency of our customers’ user management. Daily tasks are relieved from you, leaving more time for the important, administrative activities.

permSECURE - Mehr Schutz

More Protection

The solutions we use are all DSGVO-compliant and generate audit-proof documentation of all changes made. This enables you to react immediately in the event of a verification or an audit.

permSECURE - Mehr Flexibilität

More Flexibility

Workflows and predefined profiles for standard permissions allow you to react much more flexible to change requirements. Simply assign a new profile and old permissions are replaced with new ones. Optimize your user management with automated workflows.

permSECURE - Mehr Sicherheit

More Security

We help you protect your personal and confidential data from data theft. With us, you identify and remove old and dangerous access rights and keep them up-to-date via a recertification process.
This ensures that your user management is always up to date.

permSECURE - Mehr Kontrolle

More Control

With our solutions you get the possibility to generate extensive reports and regain the overview and control over your access rights. In the future, you will know exactly why permissions were granted and you will be able to track them later as well.

permSECURE - Kostensenkung

Cost Reduction

With us, you reduce your costs not only in the area of IT.
We show you ways to involve your users in daily processes. This enables your users to work more productively and offers significant potential for cost savings.

permSECURE - Ressourcenfreisetzung

Unlock Resources

Is your IT department busy with frequent changes to users or their permissions?
We can help you free up resources again and involve users in the new processes.
Only data owners can decide who is allowed to access their data.

permSECURE - Komplettlösungen

Complete Solutions

In a workshop, our experts explain the collaboration process and convey NTFS Best Practices to you. They analyze the prevailing current situation, make recommendations for increasing efficiency and plan the implementation of these.
If you wish, we will support you during the project implementation and train you in your new environment.

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