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permSECURE - DataRetention

What is Data Retention?

In companies folder structures and file storage usually grow over many years. In the process, new data is repeatedly created and the file system grows more and more over time. This circumstance sometimes leads to different problems from different perspectives.

From the IT department’s point of view, high-performance and expensive storage is running out of space, while users are losing their overview due to the large number of folders and old files. Yet the mountain of data continues to grow inexorably.

We have developed a solution that addresses exactly this problem and also generates added value for everyone, users and administrators as well. Based on PowerShell scripts, you can divide your folder structures into an active and a passive area based on their file age. This ensures that the NTFS permissions in the passive area are identical to the active area, but users still have read-only access to the separated, old data.

This results in a kind of “file server archive” in which users have access to old data.
If a file needs to be edited again, the user is able to copy it back to the active area.
In addition, the system ensures that the file copied back disappears into the passive area.

This keeps your active folder spaces clear and transparent, makes them much easier to manage and enables you to move the passive space to less expensive media.
Also, backups of the file system are optimized additionally still substantially.

To provide a holistically rounded solution for your Identity and Access Management we can connect our data separation directly to tenfold via the PowerShell plugin
(more information) and execute it through that.

Would you like to improve the situation in your file system and implement a strategy for the outflow of old data? Feel free to contact us and make an appointment.
In just two to four hours, our solution will be configured and ready for use.

Functions - Overview

Optimization of Old Files

Using time-controlled jobs, folder structures are continuously checked for old data and these are swapped out. Or separate entire folders (e.g. completed projects) ad hoc.

Exclusion of Directories

Sometimes not all folders should be divided according to their file age. Especially in project structures this is rather disadvantageous. Simply exclude these directories.

Cleaning up the Archive

If users still need a file in the active structure for editing, back-copied data in the passive area are cleaned up.

tenfold Connection

Via the tenfold PowerShell plugin we can connect our solution directly to tenfold IAM. So, you have all solutions that optimize your file system within one interface!

Why Data Retention?

permSECURE - Mehr Transparenz

More Transparency

Unclear and outdated files are removed from view.
What remains is the data that is important for your work.

permSECURE - Mehr Effizienz

More Efficiency

As only the relevant data is stored in the directories, the efficiency of work increases significantly.

permSECURE - Kostensenkung

Lower Costs

Move your old data to cheaper storage and
optimize your backups.

permSECURE - Mehr Kontrolle

More Control

Simplified and cleaner folder structures increase your control over your file system and its permissions.