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permSECURE - About us

Who we are?

permSECURE GmbH - Company Introduction

We, permSECURE GmbH, are an IT service provider from Berlin. For many years we have been dealing with the optimization of grown data structures, user and permission management and want to establish a new data culture at our customers.

Our main task is to bring transparency into the permission situation of the grown data structures on file servers of our customers. It is important to us to visualize the data and permission chaos of historically grown data structures, to uncover optimization potentials, as well as to achieve a rethinking with regard to the handling of data, permissions and the associated processes.

We accompany our customers from the initial analysis of their permission structures and processes in user management to the conceptual design, joint project implementation and training. In doing so, we always make sure to work together with our customers to develop the best solution for their environment and infrastructure.

We introduce ourselves

permSECURE - Christoph Schulze

Christoph Schulze is Managing Director and Senior Consultant at permSECURE. He has been dealing with file servers and their specifics for many years. Due to his pragmatic and analytical way of thinking, he is able to immediately think his way into complex problems and develop the appropriate solutions for them.

permSECURE - Bartosz Grodzicki

Bartosz Grodzicki is Managing Director and Senior Consultant at permSECURE. He has been designing and supporting IAM projects since 2013 and helps customers optimize their identity and access management.