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What is tenfold?

tenfold is a Identity & Access Management Software, that allows you to create and manage user accounts automatically. With this modern web application, you visualize your permissions and involve data owners from the individual departments in all necessary steps of the processes and workflows.

Based on user master datas, such as position, department or location, a high degree of automation is possible. Here, tenfold can automatically assign roles, permissions and application accesses across systems and maps the entire lifecycle of your user accounts. From onboarding into your company, to the change of department, to the offboarding of the user. Even scheduled permissions  are no problem for this application.

With various Workflows tenfold ensures that the decision to approve a permission  is made by the data owner or application manager. All steps of a change request are documented in an audit-proof manner and are permanently and completely traceable.

Improve your access management with tenfold and establish a process for access recertification by the responsible parties. They can regularly check and determine which of the assigned permissions are correct or obsolete.

Thanks to tenfold, you can check at any time who has access to your data and who granted that access. You can generate reports for a wide variety of issues and always maintain an overview.

In addition, tenfold offers more than 60 third-party systems that can be connected via so-called plugins, including e.g., IBM Notes, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and various industry-specific systems.

For additional information, please visit www.tenfold-security.com.

Functions - Overview

Identity and Access Management

Control your user accounts and accesses to various applications or systems easily and securely.

Documentation and Reporting

The simple and modern user interface visualizes the permissions and offers numerous reporting functionalities.


Your users can request and approve resources and permissions. Simply build your own user self-service.


Let your data owners regularly check the validity of the assigned permissions and correct them if necessary.

Why tenfold?

permSECURE - Mehr Transparenz

More Transparency

Unclear and outdated access rights are a thing of the past with tenfold.

permSECURE - Mehr Effizienz

More Efficiency

Workflows, profiles and self-service functions allow you to achieve a high level of automation.

permSECURE - Mehr Schutz

More Protection

You can track at any time which user had access to which systems in the company at which time. This enables you to comply with legal requirements, such as the
European DSGVO or ISO 27001.

permSECURE - Mehr Kontrolle

More Control

Detailed reports give you a constant overview of your access and IT resources. Involve your users in the processes and recertify their permissions regularly.